Bring Laurie to your community, parent group, conference or school for an interactive, inspiring, get your wheels turning, dig deep and “talk about what is real” experience. This can be customized to large or small group facilitation from 30 min to half-day or full-day programming with interactive breakout sessions.

Customized for Audiences of:

Parents/Educators/Caring Adults

Tweens/Teens/College Students


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What is Facilitation?

Facilitate comes from the Italian or French root word, facile, which means easy. A facilitator then is a person or thing that makes an action or process easy or easier. Laurie loves being a facilitator and creating the space to make the learning process easier and more fun – by making it interactive and experiential. Experiential learning means learning by doing…not just sitting and listening…so get ready to go deep and have some “ah-ha’s” that you can walk out the door and apply to your life. In facilitation, the magic often is what comes from the group…the shared experiences, the realizations that you are not alone and someone else has been where you are. #LoveDignityEmpathyConnection


If you would like more information on hosting Laurie at your event, simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


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